Our company's‬ main activity is providing full-scale catering services for the enterprises of gas and oil producing industry.

Our main object is to meet our Clients’ needs to the utmost.

Mainly our companies render the following range of services:

• Catering services, including food preparation, operations of messes/canteens at enterprises and resupply of minimum stock;

• Housekeeping, laundry, cleaning and janitorial services;

• Maintenance and care of equipment.


Dear Sirs/Madams!

We are pleased to have an opportunity to introduce OOO "Global Catering Service",‭ ‬that provides full scale‭ ‬of‭ ‬catering services for the companies,‭ ‬working in gas and oil producing industries.‭

OOO "Global Catering Service"   ‬provides catering services to remote site industries.‭ ‬Good meals and clean sheets are important to the health and morale of workers at such remote sites,‭ ‬who must live and work in isolated conditions,‭ ‬often in tropical heat or Arctic cold,‭ ‬in efforts to satisfy the world‭’‬s appetite for cheap and plentiful energy.

The Partners,‭ ‬managing and key personnel of the company have a great know how accumulated for more than‭ ‬20‭ ‬year‭ ‬of eager activities on the territory of Turkmenistan,‭ ‬Russia and Kazakhstan.

Thereby,‭ ‬owing to the fact that our companies have a well trained staff under competent and sophisticated administration,‭ ‬we can guarantee effective and well managed services of high quality to the potential Clients.

To satisfy our Client‭’‬s expectations and to meet Client‭’‬s needs we provide good service,‭ ‬based on wealth of experience,‭ ‬skilful implementation and high quality along with the rigid policy of the company in respect of providing healthy and safe food as well as the‭ ‬observance of environmental protection regulations.


Eduardo Rosales Sabina, General Manager.


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