Our company was registered on the territory of Russian Federation in June 2006 as  company, rendering catering services and supply for the companies, working in gas and oil producing industry. The personnel of our company has got a great experience, accumulated for more than 20 years period of time working in the territory of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, so for the years of working on the territory of Russian Federation. Our companies focus on full Clients' need satisfaction and requirements, having an advantage of being the local company, and is able to render services at notably competitive prices.

Our main activity is rendering complete catering services for the companies, working in the gas-and-oil industry, hotels, business centers and restaurants all over the world.

The main object of our company’s is to satisfy our Clients’ needs. We gain our purpose through the recruitment of highly skilled specialists and qualified service personnel that became our companies’ pride. The personnel training and professional development is fundamental to success at the competitive market.

The philosophy of  our company is an increase of human resources by means of involving the local manpower in process of work at all levels of the company, that favours the development of local economy.

Our company’s long term object is the development and progress based on our close integration with the local business within the bounds of the community.

Our company carry on their activity under contracts by hiring local manpower for administrative, managing and service workplaces.

Our company work with local providers when possible in order to assist in local business development.


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